We know that if you find our magazine in a bar you’re just going to lose it on your way home. So just have it delivered.

Issue 2 features the erotic lens of Christo Viola and Oliver Villegas. Shoreditch photos by Julian Kenning. Illustrations by Uxia Santos, Debi Hasky, Sarah Daniel, Atakan Akcali, Andrea Falasca, Bambi Goodman. Feminist artwork by Rae Zacharia. Funny cartoons by Mike Knowles, Callum and Rosy Wilson.

Beer Reviews.
Drunk Interviews.
Personal Ads.

Sex Questions.
Nude Cocktails.
How to turn 30.
How to shoplift like a pro.
How to suck cock.
How to get ahead in life.

We humorously discuss – porn – smoking – Age – Hillary – Trump – Shoplifting – Councils – Beer  – Sex – Blowjobs – Periods – Life – Feminism – Hen Dos – Drugs – Cocaine – SJWs – Skin Heads among other fun stuff. We even have a Personal ads section called Blue Balls & Blue Belles that works better than Tinder!

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