We know that if you find our magazine in a bar you’re just going to lose it on your way home. So just have it delivered.

(112 pages | ISSN 2399-2174)

Issue 1 features the brazen artwork of Leon Villalobos. Photography by Luke Weller, Rui Jorge, Oliver Villegas, Louis Amore, Christo Viola. Illustrations by Sarah Daniel, Andrea Falasca, Rosy Wilson, Tom Delves. And words by Dave Dickson, James Nixon, Duke Cassady, Hanna Corner, Mark Derian, Arvind Dilawar, Henry McNamara, JC Gorritti, Joe Hadden, Malhar Mali, Neil Davis, Joey Robero, Shayli Lovelace.

We humorously discuss Trump Tacos Pubic Hair Sex Toys Farts Booze Bars Assholes Feminism Music Drunks Bands Flip Flops Shorts PC world Brexit iPhones Porn  Blowjobs among other things. We even have a Personal ads section called Blue Balls & Blue Belles that works better than Tinder.


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