Public House has teamed up with Patreon to create our new membership program. Membership will grant you special access to PublicHouse content online & the print magazine shipped to your house!

The scheme is split into two tiers, we believe in autonomy & non-censorship. Artists should be able to create freely, that’s why 50% of the proceeds from both tiers will go to our writers & content creators. That means that you’ll be directly supporting our writers and artists as they grow.

Public House is committed to transparency. We’ll be posting the financial breakdown each quarter on our Patreon site so that you can see exactly where and who the money is going to after each issue launch.

The best part is that you can become a member from $1 / £1


For Contributors

How does this affect you?

Public House is sharing the spoils of war with you! 50% of all proceeds are going to our content creators. We’re going to be dividing it along these lines:

(A) 1-3 accepted pieces will yield 2% of shared profits.
(B) 3-5 accepted pieces will yield 5% of shared profits.
Any remaining monies will then be shared equally among all contributors.

The payment scheme would apply every quarter, on the release of each issue. Example: each squared bubble represents a creator, each circle a combined payout.


If there are 12 content creators in bracket A with a 2% yield of a £1000 total then they would each receive £30.
If there are 6 content creators in bracket B with a 5% yield of the same £1000 total then they would each receive £50.

The remaining £340 would then be shared equally between all content creators giving a £18.8 bonus.

Questions? email us!