Issue 4 | Four - 4 - Cuatro *SOULD OUT*

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“Brutally refined and slow cooked to perfection” – London Times

Loads of wisdom as per usual:

  • How to buy wine
  • How to lick a clit
  • How to not to be a loser
  • How to buy illegal stuff online
  • Why we put lime in our Corona
  • The importance of doing ‘fives’

Photography includes:

  • Naked With Masks by Ben Hopper
  • A Week In Iran by Julian Kenning

Only the best art:

  • Spanish Illustrator Joan Cornella
  • Alva Bernardine’s Bernardinism

Beer Reviews featuring:

Piston Head – Mikkeller – Belching Beaver – Pressure Drop – Evil Twin – To Øl – Unbarred – Buxton – Omnipollo

Public House Autumn Drink:

  • East London Iced Tea featuring Escubac

Political talk:

  • It’s all bollotics


  • Female bloodsports
  • I was raped and lost my virginity at the same time
  • Conrad ‘the cunt’ en custard


  • The bastardization of food
  • The Gandhi gap year
  • Customer service dickheads
  • Everybody loves cheating
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