Issue 12 | Fashion (the car boot issue)

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Sweatshop-free luxury. Our 12th issue is our bougiest issue yet. You definitely want this one on your coffee table, it's smooth, thick and full of great content including:

  • 6 interviews from 6 cities with 6 people who dress well; London, Paris, LA, Montreal, Sydney and Tokyo.
  • Interview with Alt-fashion queen Bebe Zeva
  • Tips from our staff and readers to help you get laid the most this summer.
  • A comprehensive guide to shoplifting like a pro (not that we condone such habit, or, do we?).
  • We reviewed some of our friends' shoes (we have no friends now).
  • A very concise history of fashion, from greasers to hipsters (ew, the H word).
  • Beautiful and sexy art from artists like Kevin Sabo, Justin Bettman, Benjamin Simon, Dirk Schuster, Salvatore Matarazzo and Saida Sniegane.
  • Many fun articles and more!

Check out our teaser at Issuu with the link below:

(84 pages | ISSN 2399-2174)

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