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Issue 12 |  Fashion (the car boot issue)

Sweatshop-free luxury. Our 12th issue is our bougiest issue yet. You definitely want this one on your coffee table, it’s smooth, thick and full of great content including:

  • 6 interviews from 6 cities with 6 people who dress well; London, Paris, LA, Montreal, Sydney and Tokyo.
  • Interview with Alt-fashion queen Bebe Zeva
  • Tips from our staff and readers to help you get laid the most this summer.
  • A comprehensive shoplifting guide (not that we condone such behaviour, or, do we?).
  • We reviewed some of our friends’ shoes (we have no friends now).
  • A very concise history of fashion, from greasers to hipsters (ew, the H word).
  • Beautiful and sexy art from artists like Kevin Sabo, Justin Bettman, Benjamin Simon, Dirk Schuster, Salvatore Matarazzo and Saida Sniegane.
  • Many fun articles and more!

Check out our teaser at Issuu with the link below:

(84 pages | ISSN 2399-2174)




Issue 11 |  The Beach Body Issue

This issue is a healthy mix of nutty and real advice, read twice a day tone your body and mind. Laughter is before everything, don’t take anything seriously, don’t overdo anything and be honest. That is issue 11 in a nutshell.

Besides the usual quality articles we have exclusive interviews with Adrian Laurie from Meatzine and model Kelleth Cuthbert




Issue 10 | Booze – The Black Out Issue

Issue 10 is a manual for both the hospo industry and Ben the regular that drinks nothing but Camden Pale Ale (get over it, Ben).



Issue 9 | Tabloid

Issue 9 is a fascinating and hilarious issue. A tabloid journalism lampoon filled with games, crosswords, horoscopes and funny advice. We top it all up with a functional calendar, the magazine itself transforms into a full 2019 monthly calendar that you can hang on your wall!



Issue 8 | Love & Betrayal

This issue contains love and life advice. If you are single it might make you sick to your stomach, just like seeing a couple making out at the bar or old people in love would, and if you are married it might make you leave your wife. In any case, we are not responsible for any divorce cases, cheating or gay experimentation as a result of reading this issue.



Issue 7 | Summer Vacation

What can you expect from a PH summer issue?
Well first of all, nudes. Yes, summer is time to show some skin and we obliged.
You’ll find travel stories, flying etiquette, people who hate summer, our traditional summer drink and upcoming spirits. Lots of travel photography and funny art. All that wrapped in a beautiful cover by artist Leon Villalobos.


Issue 6 | Nerds

Our sixth issue features a mesmerising 3D stereogram front cover (will you be able to see it?) as well as great articles from experts (nerds) in many fields, from cannabis to cryptocurrency. 

We’ve got hot cosplay photography from Ukraine and pop-culture art from Bristol. Also, an ‘in-depth’ love-doll investigation by our very own Duke & Joey, plus our spring drink called “The Weeaboo”


Issue 5 | Food Is Not Food

The perfect gift for foodies. This issue goes beyond the taste of food. Food is in every aspect of society, from war to lust; from pain to work. This issue analyses food like no one ever before. Our classic sections teach you about booze plus an East London Pizza War and Taco Fight.


Issue 4 | Four-4-Cuatro

Featuring a bunch of funny “How to’s”, from how to buy wine, eat a clit, not to be a loser and more. Hilarious stories by Joey Robero and funny beer reviews. The amazing art of Joan Cornella and some political rants. A very complete read no matter what you are into.


Issue 3 | Three-3-Tres

This issue is very psychological, we discovered the truth about smoking harm and how America needs more hooligans. We discuss comedy and how social media ruins everything.

Art wise we have The Connor Brothers and their fun vision of old oil paintings.
Luis Quiles art is a punch to your conscience – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW.
Unbiased TRUMP art. An unbiased dartboard art game. A prisoner sent us some art,
and some 3D (naked) Art by Garry Cortez – Attention Star Wars nerds!


Issue 2 | Two-2-Dos

This is a sexy one, we have an original series of nude cocktails, sex questions and personal ads. We humorously discuss, porn, smoking, turning 30, Trump, blowjobs, feminism, Skin Heads among other fun stuff. We even have a Personal ads section called Blue Balls & Blue Belles that works better than Tinder!


Issue 1 | First-1-Uno

This is our baby and in it, you can find a wide arrange of topics. We humorously discuss tacos, pubic hair, sex toys and first date farts. Rules for both how to work and how to be in a bar. And a very funny personal ads section. This is how it all started.