A bit about our readership:

Our readership is approximately 60% male and  40% female. Almost half of our readership is in the creative industry, including; visual artists, photographers, cartoonists, illustrators and designers.

Along with creatives, there’s strong representation from writers and journalists. Most of our articles are opinion based and remain 100% uncensored which brings many writers rejected from other publications due to biases or political correctness.

Finally, 20% of our readers are beer enthusiasts and restaurateurs. Our section Socialite successfully merges restaurant reviews with history and humour while Beer Reviews always rates beer in an unconventional-sometimes-awkward style.

Our established readership is mostly in the U.K but continues growing fast in the U.S and Australia.

A breakdown translates roughly as 60% UK/EU, 20% US, 12% Australia and 8% others

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