WTF is Hard Seltzer?

Last January, while in one of those colossal mega-supermarkets in the US, I saw boxes of something called ‘hard seltzers’ stacked up against the wall.

I was in a Walmart, North Conway, New Hampshire and I remember thinking: what is this drink which takes up nearly as much space as the beer aisle? In a hurry to continue our road trip and get to Mount Washington, I didn’t investigate.

A year later, I have found out. Hard seltzers arrived in Britain earlier in the summer and are being pushed in our supermarkets, although not quite with the same shelf space given across the Atlantic. Much of the marketing hype around hard seltzers are the fact they contain fewer than 100 calories, largely sugar-free and ‘natural’ flavourings.

London Fields Brewery £1 a pop


Can hard Seltzer get you drunk?

Hard seltzer requires almost zero explanation. It’s water with bubbles that also has alcohol in it. Even its meteoric rise over the past few months needs little parsing: Seltzer has been very popular for a while, and now this is seltzer that gets you drunk.

Can you get drunk on white claw?

All of those jokes that you made at your friend’s expense when he said, “man whose white Claws really sneak up on you, man” are now coming back to bite you in the butt because a doctor has confirmed that White Claw really does get you drunker and faster than any other alcohol. Our local bar London Fields is pretty much giving it away, only £1 per can. Their homebrew is made with champagne yeast and they claim it gets you drunk faster than any other seltzer.

Will it replace beer?

Don’t expect hard seltzer to replace beer anytime soon. After all, beer tastes like something. Beer tastes like freedom and friends. Beer tastes like a pub. Seltzer tastes like you are holding back. Like you are on a diet. It’s a novelty and might be cheaper than beer. Low calories is also a major selling point as most beer drinkers have huge beer bellies. Moobs too, they say beer gives you moobs. With hard seltzer, you almost feel healthy as you drink it. Another huge selling point is that you won’t smell like beer. That super identifiable smell of pub drunk, you will smell like alcohol but not as prominent as beer.

Can I make my own hard seltzer?

There are a few DYI seltzer kits our there. A fun little protect for lockdown 3, 4  5 and 6.


make your own hard seltzer

Sam Harris