If you thought bamboo paper was the epitome of luxury then get ready for a new level of social luxury.

From Kanye West to Elan Musk. Everyone is losing it for black toilet paper. Sold by the tons on the black-market this new item of luxury has called for everyone’s attention.

Social justice has called the black toilet paper the icon of 2020. Black Lives Matter official pooper scooper. Who the hell invented white toilet paper in the first place? The advantages of black paper are endless:

  1. You’ll be supporting BLM and it’s core values. This is the most important one.
  2. There is nothing worst than looking in the toilet bin and staring at this awful mountain of red and brown stained paper. No one wants to see that.
  3. Looks cool. Yeah, there is a reason why Apple has a dark mode.
  4. The trendiest toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap is allegedly working on a black bamboo toilet paper. Imagine that, the ultimate luxury/statement.
  5. It’s discreet
  6. You can use it as a pocket square and no one will ever know.
  7. It matches you black facemask
  8. You no longer need to go into the black market because Amazon sells it!
  9. It matches your black facemask. (Studies have shown that black facemasks are infinitely cooler and match most of your outfits)
  10. They are still a very unique item to use at home or at your office.



Benjamin Leo