The Ten Advantages of Intelligent Stupidity

We live in a stupid world, filled with oceans of stupidity, in every area of human existence… For example; the world financial markets have been taken close to a meltdown by clever experts who devised leveraged financial instruments that very few people understood and yet they bought them for a higher yield. Everyone involved had one thing in common, what was it I can hear you ask… they all had a good education. Even now, if you ask them, none will admit they are stupid. They will paper over the cracks, admitting to making some mistakes and will make amends in the future.

I can say without any doubt, from personal experience, that until anyone can call themselves a stupid person, without blaming themselves, or anyone else, for their stupidity, they will never learn how to live an authentic life.

This statement may horrify those folks who are intellectually fed and lead, however, if their intellect is not controlled by their innocent intelligence (and very few are) they will continue to live out ignorant stupidness, without ever recognizing it for what it is.

To become a success, we really need to learn how to become a master in the art of stupidity in an intelligent manner.

Understand, there are two forms of being stupid. One is filled with ignorance of the fact that stupidity is part of the daily make-up and this type of person only lives by intellectual thoughts that have been handed down over thousands of years of collective rules and regulations. The other type of stupidity is not buying into ones own smartness and questioning all A-ctions, T-houghts, C-leverness, before they ACT.

Because I have been called stupid all my life, by people who deemed themselves to be clever, I guess I can award myself the highest degree of stupidity in every aspect of living.

If we cannot recognize our own stupidity then we will rely on our intellectual cleverness to work things out for us and the results will rarely produce a successful life on earth, even though society may view it as successful.

Remember, stupidity has two sides to it. One side is self-evident by humanities erroneous actions and events since the beginning of cleverness without a true guiding light. This form of stupidly be-lie-ves it has mastered stupidity, yet all the results say otherwise. Therefore they have become a slave to their own stupidity and disguises it with flawed systems and policies that herd mentalities accept as normal ways to live.

The other side to stupidity is the simple-mindedness that identifies itself and thus can overrule its cleverness, so that it can make better choices. This type of stupidity has been embraced by every sage and person of wisdom since the beginning of time. In their day they were mostly executed or tortured for their so-called stupidity and yet it has stood the test of time.

Most people live in an intellectual zoo, locked into a cage of their own self-cleverness. Some try to attract others to join their beliefs by writing a book or giving a lecture. Some may be reward for their antics with tasty morsels like awards or accolades. I suppose not too many people would be happy living in a zoo and yet so many do live locked in a mind-set of imprisonment, caught in a cage of perceptions, ideas, thoughts and suggestions (PITS). A be-lie-f system that completely overwhelms the conscious brain very rarely changes its outlook on life.

The Ten Advantages of Intelligent Stupidity

1.We allow ourselves time for closer inspection of important decision making and restrict our ego/intellect from taking hold of the conscious mind.

2.We do not allow our own cleverness to take us on a wild ride that may seem fruitful, yet on closer inspection we realize, the consequences of our actions may not be the outcome we desire.

3. When other people say we are stupid we can agree with them and then they have nothing left to attack us with.

4.Once we can acknowledge our own stupidly other peoples absurdities become obvious. Wise folks learn from other peoples mistakes.

5. Forewarned is forearmed…… By living in the centre of our stupidly we can see the dangers that lurk before we act out our roles and thus guide ourselves on a more simple route through life”s mazes……Which in turn guides to live an a-mazing life.

6.Expert advice is examined far more closely and nothing is taken for granted.

7.  By understanding our stupidity, our awareness of dangers takes on greater might and alerts us to risks more clearly.

8.  It is not only wars and conflicts that are foolhardy, but it is also unnecessary risks taken in peacetime such as climbing a mountain in a blizzard that brings about an early demise. Stupid people will not attempt to take on nature as they do not possess the ego that makes them think they are mightier than God.

9.Stupid people understand all negative emotions are illusions and thus not real. Therefore their immune system is not open to stress. However, all the clever learned people, who teach us how to manage stress, are open to the negative emotions they are trying to control.

10. By living out our daily stupidity in a joy-filled mind, we find more success in better health, greater wealth, and abundant happiness… Also, we do not overestimate our power to change anyone

So, in the final analysis, the question remains…… where does that leave all the clever people who continue to call us stupid and are still struggling? I guess what works will prove itself and what doesn’t work will testify to the clever, stupid ignorance of a misguided society.

Michael Levy


Michael Levy is a professional optimist, his philosophy of life is one of joyful optimism. He is an international radio host and the author of 16 inspirational books. Michael’s poetry and essays grace many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry. Website:

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