The recent rise in thought and self-awareness teaches us something very important. We are all a bunch of smug privileged pricks.

Not so fast junior. Did you read in the headline the words “privileged” and “pricks” and immediately assumed that this is a pro-life, black lives matter, global warming article? In a nutshell, that is the problem. We are here to define your privilege and your ideas. If you are 100% confident in your convictions then you won’t mind spending 2 minutes thinking about this question:

How does waking up to your white privilege only makes you even more privileged… and, let’s be honest, a little bit annoying?

Let’s whiteboard this conundrum. And keep in mind that we are talking about the broad spectrum of things.

On one side you have:

  • White guilt.
  • Desire to make things right.
  • The “no matter what factor”.
  • Time for a change.
  • I have to make things right.
  • My body my choice.
  • My generation knows better.
  • Recycle.
  • Kindness is key.
  • Bullying has to go.


These are some of the key elements of a person’s morality. Having morals is good. Having your morals questioned as good? not so good.

  • My opinion is right.  <—Privilege
  • Everyone agrees. <—Privilege
  • Let’s be loud about it. <—Privilege
  • Won’t take no for an answer. <—Privilege
  • Everyone who disagrees in inherently a bad person. <—Privilege
  • I can me things right <—Privilege
  • How dare you?<—Privilege
  • I have the right to disrupt <—Privilege
  • I need to help the black community. <—Emotional handout, privilege
  • 50% of women can’t be pro-life. <—Privilege
  • 50% of women can’t be against modern feminism <—Authoritarian, privilege
  • Alternative though is manipulated by either patriarchy, state or church <—–Condescending and privileged
  • I have the right to disrupt <—Ultimate privilege
  • Confronting my ideas is bullying, bullying is bad. <— Privilege shield activated

So what is the point of this exercise, if you can call it that way? Humility. Show some fucking humility. Not everything is black and white.

Think about vegans for example. No one is fundamentally against veganism. But everyone hates vegans, why? because they are annoying.

Darren Alberty