You’ve made nothing with access to everything.
You’ve conquered nothing.

Hell you can’t even conquer yourself. So go tear it all down.
Scream into the void how unfair it all is.
It’s not that you’ve wasted your short time here. Surely not.

Don’t bother with your own legacy
you’re busy shitting on the long dead who aren’t here to care.
Go burn down every Starbucks. That’ll show them.
Torch the Target. Tear down every monument.
Deface every memorial. But what have you built?
What do you leave behind?

So take your benzos. Watch your porn.
Get Uber to drop off your dinner.

Have sex with strangers to ease your crippling anxiety.
It’s not you. It’s the system really. It isn’t fair.
Go cancel someone.
Dox someone. They deserve it. You’re the good guy.

Don’t write an epic novel worth building a statue to remember you.
Go troll seven year old problematic tweets ever on the hunt for the boogeymen.
See now you’ve accomplished something.
Cancel everyone.
You’re a warrior now.
A real hero.

And lastly whatever you do never ever take even a moment to self reflect on your own failures.
Never own them.
Never take a hint of responsibility.
Remember you’re just a helpless victim of circumstances beyond your control.
This all means nothing.
It’s like you weren’t even here.