I always thought that Louis got a pretty bad deal from his wanking scandal.

I know I’m stating the obvious when I say people have done much worse than Louis and got out scot-free. Like everyone out there I want rapists to rot in jail -hell, the death penalty for all I care. Throw in paedophiles and kidnappers too. Those vile pieces of shit don’t deserve to breathe our air. Having said that, Louis is nothing like that. He didn’t hurt anyone, he didn’t force himself on anyone, he even asked permission to those girls to do what he did.

“I know this is not a popular opinion and that this rant of mine probably won’t see the light of the internet, but”

Being against CK is being against honesty and empathy. It’s basically fetish-shaming. Because everyone has their “thing” right? We agree with that. So how is it that it’s only OK to do your thing when a lot of money is involved? Like with a dominatrix or a brothel, a peep show, a strip club, all these places where actual abuse may be taking place. That’s ok, isn’t it? But not with a normal person because we can’t trust each other anymore.

“Hey, do you mind if I jack off in front of you?” YES/NO. If you sid yes you can’t then change your mind, SORRY! All of us have slept with people we regret, we don’t go back 3 years later to ruin their life do we? No, because we move on, like normal people. It’s part of life, it makes you tougher and wiser.

Some people seem to forget that porn webcam sites are 80% female and there are thousands out there. No one is forcing any of these girls to be on it. How is this OK for 1 girl to masturbate in front of thousands of men? Oh, because there is money involved and because they said YES with their mouse not with their mouth.

It wasn’t long ago when my wife and I were on a plane towards Spain cracking up with one of his specials (incredibly annoying for everyone else on that flight now that I think about it). Now she’s been brainwashed and I’m pretty sure she won’t be watching the new special with me, that’s fucking sad.

I know this is not a popular opinion and that this rant of mine probably won’t see the light of the internet, but I had to give it a shot. I’m only writing this as a futile and stupid gesture, and as a hope that one day things will go back to normal. Spread the word, buy the special on the official website.

Enjoy all!


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