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Issue 7 | Summer Vacation *SOLD OUT*

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Our 7th issue is full of funny stories, travel photography, and a ton of sunburned content.

(80 pages | ISSN 2399-2174)


The Megabus
How to Fly Like a Man
The Curmudgeon’s guide to flying
Pavlov’s God
Holidays in North Korea
Family Vacation Comunicado
Summer Is a Bumm
These Bitches
Yellow Summer
Summer of Love

Reversed Peephole

The British Seaside & Flower Lines by Alva Bernardine
Charlotte Le’s Verdurous Vietnam
Summer is for Travel
Oliver Villegas “Redhead Siren”


Fake National Lampoon
Unlocking Frida Kahlo


A beginners guide to raicilla
Camino del pensador Mezcal

Public House summer drink “The Guanabanera”

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