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Issue 6 | Nerds *SOLD OUT*

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Our sixth issue features a mesmerising 3D stereogram front cover (will you be able to see it?) as well as great articles from experts (nerds) in many fields, from cannabis to cryptocurrency.

We’ve got hot cosplay photography from Ukraine and pop-culture art from Bristol. Also, an ‘in-depth’ love-doll investigation by our very own Duke & Joey plus our new Public House Cocktail ‘The Weeaboo’.

  • Words with NERDS
  • CryptoNERD
  • The Bike Touring NERD
  • The CDB NERDS by Mr. A
  • The Dating NERD: -How to Seduce a Woman in the #MeToo age -How to Pick up a Girl on Tumblr
  • A NERD For Socks
  • A Whiskey NERD interview w/ J.J Corry
  • Sex NERD Sandra
  • 7 Technology Annoyances
  • Words with NERDS
  • Super Gay Bros
  • The Evolution of Bullying
  • Sex Robots – The 5 Minute Trial
  • Tim Rise Cosplay Photography featuring model Katie Kosova
  • Art But Not Really by Chris Lambourne
  • Lady Whiskey by Louise McGuane
  • Public House Spring Drink: The Weeaboo
  • Sex Nerd Sandra -Fingering Haiku -3 Mantras For Terrible Lovemaking
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