You’re SO. CUTE. Why Do You Just Want To Hurt Me?

Time and time again I put my trust into you.

And time and time again you let me down.

But it won’t always be like this. I know it won’t!

Eventually, you won’t hurt me anymore, we just have to work through this. I know brighter days are ahead. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe it’s there. I’m ready. 
I am willing to change.

Will you change with me?

Can we not commit to becoming better versions of ourselves…


I know I need to lose weight, but you make my calves look amazing, in spite of everything else. You go perfectly with my denim shirtdress and jeans. Even my leggings and denim jacket when I want to be cool at a show.

Why do you insist on causing me such pain???

I’ve worn you eleven times and you have not let up once. I bring extra shoes in my bag.




…because I already how you’re going to get as the night continues on.

I expect it at this point.

Why do you do this??? Why can’t we just go out and have a nice evening??? You always do this!

…I can’t quit you. 

The way you pair together with that jacket I found on the bus that one time. The way you make my legs look thin enough to pull off that too-short sundress from six summers ago.

That outfit would be nothing…


…I would be nothing in that outfit…

…without you.







I just became the official blogger for the Arts & Hearts International Film Festival (you can check that out here: and I was wondering if you’d be open to running an article about that. I’d most likely talk about the festival long enough to briefly cover the basics and focus on how to submit, what people can win, and info. and tips on travelling to the event from the UK. Cool places to stay, eat and obviously drink near the venue, stuff like that. Who doesn’t want a reason to go to LA for a few days? There’s probably plenty of people but just consider humouring me!


Some acquaintances of mine have an indie record label in my area (small-town IA), legitimately, and they deserve a highlight. I can’t think of a better place to pitch that to.

Stay warm & forever cheers!

– Lauren

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