Long story short: Kelleth Cuthbert, hired to work at the Golden Globes to “hydrate” the actors with water but instead filled those bottles with vodka making the actors go crazy(er) than usual, is quite the character.

As her profile increased we found that she is hilarious and even married (sorry, to every guy on the planet). She LOVES dogs, which is great because so do we.

She is constantly promoting adoption for dogs and she is totally right because abandoned dogs need a nice home so please adopt. And if are one of those people looking to buy a new dog. Stop being a DICK, what’s wrong with you!? Adopt!

Kelleth also hates cats, loves tacos and her favourite drink is Gin & Tonic.

PH: Hi Kelleth! Thank you for joining us, so tell us, is any of this true?

KC: Barely a word of it but the dog part was true! STOP BEING DICKS PEOPLE AND JUST ADOPT OK?! Also, I do love tacos. I mean I live in LA so I’m pretty sure that’s a requirement of residency, no? I hate gin though. It’s for old-timey hipsters. And I love cats. I’ve been working to tame this wild beast of a cat that I found in my backyard a year ago. We’re making progress. I can now get within a few feet without her spiralling into a violent rage. Also, my vodka distribution skills aren’t quite so sharp (but a girl can dream!)

Thank you for clarifying and please excuse the silliness, we are constantly drunk. One very interesting story we found stalking you on Instagram is that agencies would say you were TOO PALE to be a model? Clearly, you told them to fuck off but what about the rest of the industry, do you think are constantly asked to get in the tanning bed, and what’s your position about that?

I only ever had bookers at one old agency of mine get heavily on me about that (other than them, I’ve been blessed with beautifully kind and supportive bookers). I’ve spray tanned for a few clients which are fine but generally, my clients are cool with my ghostly appearance and embrace it. I think tanning is fine if that’s what you want, so long as you’re using products that are safe and not doing so via harmful exposure to UV rays and doing irreversible damage to your skin. Given all we know now about melanoma, there was no excuse for this agency to be pushing tanning beds on me so heavily. 

We also want to know about your day-to-day life if you don’t mind.

What’s your favourite TV show?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia! 

Do you watch Love Island?

No, but a producer reached out to me about being on it! Being as how I’m married though, that would have made the show mad awkward haha. 

What’s the worst band in the world?

Maroon 5. It sounds like that guy got his nutsack caught in a blender. But this is coming from someone who couldn’t hold a tune if a gun was to her head so who am I to make fun of a guy who can hit notes as high as he can.

Did you like Bird Box?

Well, focusing on the positive, Sandra Bullock gave a solid performance as always.

Any movie you are looking forward to seeing?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood looks pretty incredible. I’m a big Tarantino fan and also a huge true crime nut-job so the second I saw a flash of Charles Manson in the trailer I was all in.

What’s the meanest thing you ever did in school?

In the sixth grade, a teacher asked me what my problem was and I said “you” when she falsely accused me of an infraction of which I was innocent. I was an honour student, teacher’s pet and a shining beacon of academia so this was an unusual blip in my otherwise stellar record. She was very confused and just sent me back to class. 

OK, that’s enough meddling for us. You are the only model we follow on Instagram – you seem so down to earth and you clearly love good fun. Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Most of the dust particles in your house are dead skin!

But also,  according to the ASPCA, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized every year. I started fostering premature kittens as a teenager and decided in 2018 I would foster my first dog, Pablo. I saw a photo of him smiling on the internet and I felt like my heart had just exploded. I immediately foster failed and adopted him but he changed my whole world. I’ve been an animal advocate since I was a kid but learning a little about what Pablo had been through pushed me heavily into dog rescue. I’ve been fortunate to have built a relationship with an amazing non-profit organization called Pacific Pups Rescue (www.pacificpupsrescue.com) who allow me to pull dogs for them from various high kill shelters in Southern California. It’s inspiring to watch the transformations of these dogs who have been through so much physically and emotionally yet still want to give you their love. Dogs are incredibly resilient and, cheesy as it sounds, it taught me that I can be too. That we have to be. 

Thanks for your time Kelleth, keep up the good work.

Photos by Erwin Loewen



Extracted from issue 11 The Beach Body Issue. Buy it here