Another is the new kid on the block, vying for a place in the fridge, this brewery has a fight on its’ hands.

That’s not going to slow down James Fawcett, the founder of Another Beer Ltd., this is has been on the cards for some time now and James has hit 4 continents in search of how to create the perfect beer, trialling hops from Europe, America, Australasia & Asia. 

We sat down with him to discuss what inspired him to break into the most competitive Food & Drinks market in the U.K right now. 

PH: Hi James, great to get a moment with you. Paint the scene for me, when did you first come round to beer and when did you realise you could do it better?

“There are so many new breweries popping up all the time and we are ‘another’.”

JF: Hi guys! Well, my first taste of beer was my dad sharing his can of Bass with me. I can only assume my facial expression on tasting it was what led him to decant some into a glass and add lemonade, much to my relief. As a teenager with a bass shandy and a pack of pork scratchings, at the local rugby club, every Sunday with my dad, quickly got me acquainted with beer. Growing up in the ’90s, my pub experience was drinking Carling, Fosters or Carlsberg – depending on which was cheapest at Wetherspoons. 

This was fine for a few years until I craved something with a little flavour. Again, I looked to my dad, who introduced me to cask ales. From there, there was no looking back. Drinking at my local pub or buying a few bottles from the supermarket, I naturally found myself wanting to try new beers. 

PH: And just like that, the beer nerd was born? It’s a classic heartwarming tale – a boy and his dad, enjoying a couple of cold ones. Do you remember any of those old classics? 

JF: Of course! Not wanting to forget the ones I had tested, I started to keep and collect the used bottles that I’d drank. I’ve not stopped adding to that collection and I currently have thousands of empty beer bottles from across the world, sitting in boxes in various nooks and crannies of numerous, disgruntled family members’ homes… From there, my love of beer has taken me all over the world, with beer trips to America, Holland, New Zealand, Belgium, Taiwan, India, Australia and many more, all helping to bulk out my bottle collection.

PH: That’s quite the trip – although it’s quite the endeavour your setting out on. Are you ready to take on the scene?

I feel that the craft beer scene is great. There are so many different and surprising beers available, with forward-thinking and original branding to market those beers. The scene enjoys collaborations between truly amazing breweries from across the globe. It experiences spectacular one-off and special series beers, produced by some of the most experimental breweries. There are so many new breweries popping up all the time and we are ‘another’. All of this puts a smile on any craft beer drinkers’ face, as well as the brewery employees too. This is no more self-evident than by the buzz created at craft beer festivals, when brewers from all stretches of the country come together, to meet and speak to the people who make their favourite beers and also to the public who enjoy them. We at ‘another’ feel that this should be taken further, bring that buzz, that smile, into all and more aspects of the whole craft beer experience. That’s where ‘another’ pitch ourselves. Creating great beer and creating an awesome experience from start to finish. ‘another’ recognises that alcohol consumption trends are forever changing and we believe that the alcohol produced should reflect this. The long-term plan is to have a core range of drinks that will include low and no alcohol options, as well as the core range of beers.

‘Another’s first beer to be released, which is ‘Another American Pale Ale’, was first brewed on my homebrew kit many years ago. Since arriving back to the British Isles from our travels and settling within picturesque Yorkshire, the recipe has been tweaked and inspired by our British surroundings. With hop additions being led by American hops, I have added Bramling Cross to give this APA a British twist. ‘Another American Pale Ale’ is refreshing and hoppy, with low to medium bitterness and moderate carbonation, medium body and a smooth, clean finish. At 5%, it is a beer that can be enjoyed over and over again. ‘Are we ready to take on the scene?’ The real question is: ‘is the scene ready to take on us?’

PH: Fighting talk, I can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff, we’re going to do a quick fire round of questions just to get a feel of the brewery – tell me: If another were a rock band, who would it be?

JF: Based upon the gig alone it has to be The Hives. I saw them at Glastonbury in 2013, the first act of the weekend and by far the best. The stage presence of frontman Pelle Amqvist was sensational. He had the thousands-strong crowd in the palm of his hand. It was so much more than just a music performance and that is what we want from ourselves as a brewery. To be so much more than just another brewery. 

PH: A brewery you love?

JF: To Øl – what a fantastic brewery. I love everything about these guys. Their beers taste amazing and never cease to impress me. Secondly, their branding, the names and the can labels of their beers are just sublime. They have absolutely nailed their style, which is even more impressive considering there is no common theme within their branding. If I was only allowed to drink beer from one brewery for the rest of my life it would undoubtedly be To Øl.

PH: Challenges of the industry being bought out?

JF: Where to begin. This drags up the (new) age-old question of “what is craft beer?”. Does a brewery stop being craft when it sells out? Who knows, and I’m certainly not the person to answer that. However, I always try to look at the positives from any situation. The positives that I see from breweries being brought out is that it gives them opportunities to have their beer sold in markets which before they were not able to. This, therefore, expands the market for craft beer as a whole. The consumer’s thirst to try new beers will never go away, so the most important thing for me is that the smaller breweries are still financially able to operate, profit and grow.

PH: Tell me about Another branding

JF: Our physical branding is the brainchild of myself and Graphic Designer Alex England. The best designs are those that are the simplest and the cleanest and that was the brief we gave ourselves. The name ‘another’ is a bit of tongue in cheek, in reference to the fortunate state that the craft beer ‘scene’ finds itself in at the moment, i.e an abundance of breweries. All our beers will be named after their style, so another American pale ale, Another sour, etc. We strive to make all aspects of beer fun in as many ways as possible, including putting a wry smile on customers faces as they order ‘another’ beer at a bar. We are also hoping for a few accidental orders in pubs “I’ll have another American pale ale please” 

PH: Alright, when can we all get hold of this, I’m ready for this to be my summer beer.

JF: ’Another’ beer will go on sale from the beginning of May and will be available in pubs, bars and restaurants across York and Leeds. The plan is to expand the market across the north before heading down south. We will be holding a launch party so keep an eye on our website and Instagram for further details.  

Outstanding, thanks for talking with us James. Can’t wait to sip some down in the park, stay a little too late in the pub, all the good stuff. 

It has been a pleasure guys, just remember it’s never too late in the pub. There’s always time for another! 

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