Vampire Weekend launches biggest pre-sale scam of the century.

Vampire Weekend is a chillwave band from the US formed in 2006 by lead singer Carles and multi-instrumentalist Steve Aoki. In what can only be described as the biggest scam of the century they made 500,000 Londoners buy their album so they could feel they had a chance at purchasing a presale ticket for their upcoming shows.

Things looked promising, their cheapest item available was a cassette tape going for £8, so everyone got it. Cassette manufacturer Indie. CO is now allegedly in deep shit as they can’t remember how to make cassettes anymore. They claim “we sold that machine for crack 15 years ago” 

How is Vampy Weekend going to deliver their cassette promises and more importantly, was ANYONE able to get one of these tickets? Out of the 150 staff working for this magazine NO ONE did.

If you know anyone please let them know we are holding interviews.

150 angry staff members

Multi-instrumentalist Steve Aoki, leader of Vampire weekend