It doesn’t take a genius to realise sharing nude photos is more common now than ever before.

Whether it’s between a couple in a relationship or from a guy to a girl who just gave him her digits, sending unsolicited naked pictures is a common aspect of today’s courting process. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full-body shot or close-up of the genitals, it’s just assumed everyone has some sort of revealing photo on their phone these days. But what does one do when the passion is gone and that lovebird of theirs has turned into a delusional psychopath, who tries to use those digital keepsakes against them?

“It’s also common courtesy to delete whatever nude photos one has of someone when they stop seeing them.”

It used to be that people knew they were taking a bit of a risk by sending someone else nude photographs of themselves. No matter how smitten they were, they understood there was a chance the person on the receiving end would share them with another. Whether it was on purpose or accident, people knew their nude photos could come back to bite them in the ass.

However, now that everyone and their sister is sending pictures of their privates to those they want to bone, there’s proper etiquette for handling nudes that most rational people are expected to follow; not just during a relationship but afterwards, too. Unfortunately, the universal terms have led some people to be confused when the shit hits the fan and others to make it even worse for themselves.

Now, people generally understand they can’t show whatever nudies they get to whoever they want. Anyone with half a brain also knows it’s not the greatest idea in the world to use them for their phone’s lock-screen or a person’s caller id. Unless they’re cool with never getting one from that person again or having a family member notice and ruining any chance of said person having a healthy relationship with the rest of the family. It’s also common courtesy to delete whatever nude photos one has of someone when they stop seeing them. How a person could honestly expect an ex to do them a solid like that is beyond me but I think everyone can agree, using naked photos of someone against them is definitely shitty behaviour.


I’m not sure why anyone would really want to hold on to something like that, anyway. Everyone should want to get rid of everything that reminds them of an ex unless it’s a child, house, or car, when they call it quits. That’s what people do when they break up, get over the other person and move on to the next. It’s kind of hard to do that when they’re holding on to photos of them, especially ones they can get off to. Besides, hasn’t everyone heard of the fucking internet by now? There’s an infinite amount of boobs and dicks to look at on there.

If someone refuses to delete nude photos of you then they’re clearly a creep but there’s no need to get bent out of shape over it, either. When you send incriminating or identifiable naked pictures of yourself to someone that means you either don’t care what others think of you or you’re a plain ol’ slut. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, especially in this day and age. In fact, it’s something that ought to be celebrated. People are supposed to be “sex positive” now and not giving a shit about your public image is punk as fuck. It is kind of hard to celebrate, if you’re unwilling to admit it, though.

“The last thing you should do if your ex is threatening to release your nudes is trying to sell them first.”

When you send nudes to someone there needs to be a decent amount of thought and effort put into the process, not only for their sake but for yours, too. You can’t just be taking a quick snap of your snatch and sending it off to Mr Right. That’s actually how dick pics probably get a bad rap. That and they’re almost always sent from drunk assholes to women who have no interest in them. When you send a naked picture of yourself, you should be happy with every last aspect of it. It doesn’t matter what the angle, lighting, or body part you’ve exposed, you should be satisfied enough with your work to put your name on it. If you’re not willing to put your name on it then don’t put your fucking face on it.

The last thing you should do if your ex is threatening to release your nudes is trying to sell them first. All you’re doing there is setting yourself up for double the load of disappointment, because of the apparent embarrassment and the new loss in money now too. Besides, the only good that can come from that is proving what an actual whore you are. The best thing you can do is let them show what a twisted fuck they are to everyone else by showing how much they care about your gross, bare ass. Hopefully, they’re the only ones and if not, good. Now you know who your real friends are and who’s a fucking pillock.


John Pittsley 



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