As part of an initiative to target behaviour deemed hateful or offensive. The Government will be introducing a cultural re-education program aimed at members of the public who display non-politically correct behaviour.

First-time offenders and randomly selected members of the public will be invited to attend a week-long getaway on 5-star all-inclusive research resort on The Isles of Scilly, where they will take part in activities designed to improve their social and cultural skills.

Enrich Lark the program director and government spokesperson for the social awareness think tanks says. “As a multi-cultural nation, we need to educate people to be mindful of others and how they could be offended by our actions in day to day life. We have created a place of learning where people can be shown how to coexist with each other, this is a step forward in making the UK a more tolerant place.”

During the residential getaway, the “guests” are invited to write down and act out their insensitive thoughts and actions that they display on a day to day basis, they are then compared to collected CCTV footage of them in social situations and in their home environment to see if the guests are honestly complying with the program.

During their stay on the Island, the guests were asked to watch each other for non-politically correct behaviour and report it back to the onsite monitors, any offenders deemed high risk are invited to take part in “shame sessions,” where the use of electric shock treatments have proved to be beneficial in eradicating deeply rooted non-politically correct behaviours.

Guests are also invited to take part in a ritual known as “The Cleansing.” At the end of each day where they are asked to make a list of inappropriate things, they say or do daily and cast them into a fire. They are encouraged to self-admonish such practices as mansplaining, using non-exclusionary, gender-specific language and the use of sexist or racist vocabulary.

Once the guests have completed the program and are released back on to the UK mainland, as part of the “best practice scheme,” they are encouraged to film members of the public on behaving in inappropriate ways and upload the videos to government ordained news sites or websites for cash rewards.

The social awareness think tank also plans to roll out a campaign at the beginning of next year, “Don´t think, record.” To get members of the public to film any incidents that may look offensive or insensitive, or racist, sexist, or homophobic and send them to their local authority for tier-based points for prizes scheme, the recorded offenders will then be identified and invited in the small hours of the morning to visit the resort.

This article was sponsored by the UK Government.

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