We went to Sculpture by the Sea in the world famous Bondi beach in Sydney. 

One of the greatest walks I’ve ever experienced –besides walking free after 24hrs in a cell in the small town of Ajijic, Mexico (where I slept standing up, shat in a sock and then used that sock as a self-defence weapon) was the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee in Sydney. The walk features stunning views, beaches, parks, cliffs, bays, babes, rock pools and even a cemetery. I was lucky enough to do it while an art exhibition was held in place: The Sculpture by the Sea.

The Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney and Perth is Australia‘s largest annual outdoor sculptureexhibition. This exhibition was initiated in 1997, at Bondi Beach and it featured sculptures by both Australian and overseas artists. In 2005, a companion event was established at Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia featuring over 70 artists.[1] In 2009 it was announced that Aarhus in Denmark would host the first Sculpture by the Sea exhibition outside of Australia.

It would be a waste of iCloud space if I didn’t share this with you so here you go, 4 Ks of art: