We’ve teamed up with El Camino Del Pensador Mezcal in our Summer Issue.

Pensador, which was founded by Hackney resident Ben Schroder, is a relative newbie on the scene but has already been making waves in the London circuit. The liquid is as delicious as it is exotic, a mix of Espadin and Madrecuishe (two distinct agave species) from the Miahuatlan region of southern Oaxaca.

, for those not in the loop, is Tequila or rather Tequila is a specific strain of Mezcal. Grown exclusively from agave plants in five of Mexico’s thirty-two states Mezcal is an ancient and punchy elixir. Once thought to be a heavenly nectar by Meso-americans its since been refined into the classic sipping spirit it’s famous for today. Pensador still uses the old school method of craft though – think large millstones, underground baking chambers and enormous root veg. It’s all very rustic.

Following a road trip around Southern Mexico, Ben became obsessed with Mezcal and spent months scouring rural Oaxaca in search of the perfect juice.

“With Pensador, I knew I had the full package – rare agave, ancient methods, and an unashamedly high proof. Each sip is a burst of flavour: cooked agave, earth, grass, chocolate, and smoke, but with a balance and elegance not normally found in the category – the perfect vehicle for sharing the magic of mezcal” – Ben

We’ve dished out free Pensador Mezcal to our members at our launch for ‘Summer Vacation’ and it proved a big hit. No surprise there – Pensador was awarded a Master Award in a blind tasting at the ‘Spirits Business Tequila and Mezcal Masters 2018’. They were crowned king of the mezcal category, beating off stiff competition from established global brands, including Licores-Veracruz.

All of this is getting Pensador noticed. As well as its recent award, Pensador can be found at trend-setting bars including Dandelyan, The American Bar (Savoy), Happiness Forgets, and Soho House.

Grab the good stuff online: pensadormezcal.com or thewhiskyexchange.com.

Joseph Connelly