Green Cuisine was formed in 2016 when three different people from diverse backgrounds came together with one vision. Frustrated by the lack of effective CBD products which are often massively overpriced, they decided to unite to develop a new range that actually worked.

Hello Mr A.

Can you tell us a little bit about how Green Cuisine started?

I set up Green Cuisine a few years ago, after successfully treating my ex-girlfriends epilepsy using it and a number of other people. I then went out to North America where I oversaw a massive licensed cannabis facility construction. I then moved out to the Netherlands where I was able to open up and expand the business there. I sell products but also give them away to people who need it. I give advice to people all over and spoke at the world Cannabis Business Expo in Boston in October and have a lot more seminars going on this year.

“She was suffering from multiple seizures every day and the conventional medicine was not working.”

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the possibly hundreds of compounds known as cannabinoids. It is found in the cannabis plant, in both cannabis, sativa and certain strains of hemp. It is a very exciting compound that we are learning more about every day.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

The main difference is the psychoactive effects. CBD is an antipsychotic whereas THC is a psychotic. When people smoke cannabis it is mainly THC which gets them high. Cannabis naturally would have more balanced levels of the compounds, however, the illegality and drive to get stronger strains has meant that CBD was almost eliminated from the plant. It would seem the reduction in the antipsychotic properties of CBD led to the problems we hear about related to cannabis-induced psychosis.


Tell us about the health benefits of CBD

CBD can be beneficial in a variety of ways. It can be used as a very effective supplement, it can help increase cognitive ability and reduce inflammation with little to no negative side effects. It can also be used to help treat more serious conditions. CBD has been shown to be effective in treating epilepsy, eczema/psoriasis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, insomnia, psychosis and a whole host of other ailments.

Any particular success stories?

I have been lucky to see a number of success stories first-hand. I actually got into CBD when my ex-girlfriend developed epilepsy. She was suffering from multiple seizures every day and the conventional medicine was not working. Using CBD and making careful lifestyle choices allowed her to wean off prescription medicine and go from 8 seizures a day to zero. That is when I formed Green Cuisine CBD. I also suffer from psoriasis and the only thing that really helps keep it at bay is CBD balm. I have had the honour to help transform the lives of many people who came to me suffering from debilitating conditions.

Are CBD products legal?

CBD products are legal in MOST places. It can be tricky because of the stigma and legality of cannabis, this often carries over so CBD becomes almost ‘guilty by association’. Hemp-derived CBD is generally legal if it contains less than 0.02% THC. The UK has recently decided to give into lobbying from a certain pharmaceutical company who want to monopolize the market. They have passed a law that CBD is now considered a medicine and therefore must undergo expensive testing if you want to produce it. This has driven a number of companies out of business and forced some to move elsewhere and ship to the UK from the EU where this law does not exist.

What are your suggestions for cooking with the CBD paste/powder?

Personally, I do not cook with CBD, I find that the sister compound of CBD provides a much more… Exciting cooking medium. I do however have some exciting new food products that contain CBD in the pipeline. I have a passion for nutrition so hope to launch these products later this year.

The CBD powder you stock is particularly potent, for what reason would someone want such a heavy dose and how would they administer it?

We use supercritical Co2 extraction to get the purest powder we can, this allows for people to make their own vape juice and those with more serious conditions can dose more accurately. The powder can also be added to THC containing products (where legal) to reduce the psychotic properties. Mixing the powder also allows for CBD/THC to work synergistically, enhancing certain medical properties.

Anything you want to share or get off your chest? You can say anything you want.

The sacking of Professor Nutt was one of the major signs that showed the British government and lawmakers are seriously out of touch with both scientists and the public in general. This followed by the psychoactive substance ban puts our country back years in terms of progression. It is upsetting that many innovative business people and scientists are leaving the U.K because of this. Hopefully, countries like the U.S.A and Canada, who are showing positive signs regarding drug law reform and cannabis legalisation, will give the U.K a kick up the backside. Fear-based misinformation and treating addicts like criminals is the wrong way to tackle the issue of drugs.

On a more serious note, I feel I should get this off my chest – I have the best dog in the world.

His 3 legged dog, Regaldin.