Alright, homies,

It is well known that London sucks at tacos, I mean, Wahaca!?

Their version of Mexican food is what we call in the business a “no mames güey” which can be translated to “nice try loser”.

Now, to be fair, every day we see more and better tacos out there. Maybe the UK is slowly realising that shepherds pie tastes like old clothes and sausage and mash like feet – actually, feet taste better, sorry feet.

The only salvable classic food in the UK has to be the Sunday Roast and even that is a gamble. Fish and chips are nice about once a year and kebabs are drunk garbage.

These are some of our favourite Mexican places in London:

Corrochios – London

These guys from Guadalajara really understand tortillas. They give their tortillas the traditional Mexico DF treatment, which is still a secret but you can imagine what it is…flavour. Their tacos may look posh sometimes and non-traditional but the taste os there. Mexico City in your mouth. Excellent, probably the best in London.

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La Choza – Brighton

This place still gives my bumhole nightmares. Last time I visited La Choza I went for a burrito with their hottest sauce. It’s really close to the train station so you can easily grab one for the road. What you don’t want to do is get the spiciest burrito and take it on the train without a gallon of milk to put out the fire on your face. Seriously, I have never cried on a train to London before that day. 

taco queen logo-min

Taco Queen – Peckham

Taco Queen is the type of restaurant where you don’t just go for dinner, but for a night out. Get some friends together and spend the evening ordering taco after taco and sinking glass after glass of margaritas, all to a soundtrack of hot jazz. It’s not for people who want a bit of peace and comfort with their meal; it’s all about stuffing the last bite of your taco into your friend or partner’s face, even if they don’t want it, and making them eat it, “OMG! Try this!” straight at the face, sauce everywhere, meat all over the shirt. Perfect.


Breddos Tacos – Clerkenwell

I gotta say that Breddos are somewhat responsible for the gentrification of tacos in London and it’s because they were one of the first ones to do it right. However, they are also the first ones to put a price tag of fucking expensive on a well-done taco.

Hey, people! making a good taco is not expensive nor hard. There is no reason to charge 10 quid for 2 tacos, just like there is no reason to charge 8 quid for a pint of beer, you are just being a cunt.

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Bad Sports – Hackney (RIP)

At least these guys are making tacos fun again. Some of their tacos are not very traditional like mushroom sweet potato or chicken, chicken in a taco is not really a thing but they kind of work. You still get the ‘trying too hard’ sort of vibe from them though.


**We are sorry to hear that Bad Sports is no longer operating, we wish good luck to the good people behind it.**


Tienda Roosteria – Shoreditch

These were pretty good, but I’ll let you into a little secret about tacos; 50% of a good taco is the salsas. I want a variety of salsas – at least 2 for fuck sake, and no, Cholula is not a salsa nor is Valentina – even though Valentina is great you can’t give me a dry taco and expect me to put Valentina on it. Valentina is more for quesadillas. You need to have fresh salsas available for me to go as wild as I want.

la netta-min


Mikkeller La Neta – Copenhagen

If you are ever in Copenhagen you must stop at this place. La Neta got EVERYTHING right:

  • Micheladas
  • Self-serve salsa bar
  • Traditional sodas
  • Great mezcal
  • Traditional menu
  • And price (for Copenhagen standards)

Full review here

Jackson Palmer