1. The Godfather: Pale blue with white polka dots


  1. Dr. No: Green and purple spirals


  1. Lady Bird: Cream-colored with a little bunny drawn on with a nail polish brush


  1. Avatar: Green


  1. North by Northwest: Yellow with black stripes


  1. Bee Movie: Foil-covered chocolate, melted and misshapen by the time you find it

Yoshi Egg by marc2o

  1. The Room: Green


  1. The Disaster Artist: Dark green


  1. Citizen Kane: I mean, it looks grey, but what do you expect?


  1. One of those Marvel ones, I can’t remember which: Light green


  1. The Shape of Water: Celadon


  1. La La Land: The magazine Emma Stone is holding in scene eight lists an article by ‘D. Cockaigne,’ which is French for ‘La La Land.’ About two headlines up is a picture of a lavender egg covered in orange stars.


Daniel Galef


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