December 8th, 1980

In seclusion for many years and about to reemerge.
About to outrage the establishment again?
About to wake up the youth again?
You, more popular than the JC water walker,
the walrus, the artist, musician, humorist, writer, and
political activist—“The world is run by insane people with insane objectives.”

However, there is another player on the scene, currently off stage, but busy, shuttling around to Beirut, Maui, Ft. Worth, Dekalb County, Fort Chaffee.
Crimes in Florida? Fled to Hawaii?
The Mark is busy, provided with money, credit cards, plane tickets, expensive art,
he is told he will be an important person, on an important mission, he has a date with destiny.

The clandestine world is turning its secretive wheels,
the military hospital in Hawaii is active.
A born-again Christian is reborn into a new role and getting ready for his stage premiere. He’s been programmed, taught to shoot, a gun provided and transported to its destination.

The Death Valley President is about to take office with his sinister vice president, the one connected to all the undercover operations and assassinations of the last 20 years.
The arms industry is anticipating big profits with a sympathetic right winger in the Oval.
El Salvador, Guatemala, then on to bigger fish to fry.

Except the man about to reemerge, to come out of a long family sabbatical, could easily toss a wrench in the gears of war.
All he has to say is “We’re giving a free concert for PEACE in D.C.”
A MILLION young people from all over the country would drop everything and come.

That is power, and that is scary to the insane people with their insane objectives. Their Mark arrives in the Big Apple on the 5th, stays at another expensive hotel, with no job, no visible means of support,
yet he has plenty of money,
it just mysteriously comes to him.

3 days later, the walrus is dead and the Mark is ready to play his role of patsy,
the others involved are not mentioned and quickly forgotten,
the threat against mass bloodshed for profit is gone.
The youth continue to slumber, even as they hold a candlelight vigil in front of the Dakota, even as they sing “Give Peace A Chance.”

It wasn’t given much of a chance, now that he’s gone,
and the era has ended.

Illustration by Allen Forrest

Allen Forrest



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