Pizza is officially the most addictive food in the world.

Vegans say it’s because of the cheese (the second one is chocolate and third ice cream are also made with milk so maybe?). However, I would blame it more on popular culture and the Teenage Ninja Turtles. If Domino’s still made pizza like in the 90s they wouldn’t be so close to being history.

We all know that East London is pizza paradise, but which one is the absolute best? We rated them from 1 slice (shite) to a full pizza (the dog’s bollocks’).

three johns-min

The Three JohnsAngel

This cosy little pub is an oasis of self-indulgence. You have the comforts of a pub with the best draft beer and the best pizza, probably the best in this whole list. How is it that Domino’s Pizza across from them is still in business!?

home slice-min

Home Slice – Shoreditch

I like sitting at the bar and watching the guy making the pizza (no homo), not sure if pizza guy really likes that but fuck it. One slice of the salami and parmesan is all a human needs to start their night out. The slice is huge and delicious.


Franco Manca – Stoke Newington 

Franco Manca is the sourdough pizza king. This place ticks all the boxes: cheap, tasty, high-quality and fast. The staff at this branch are always friendly (trust me, I go basically every week). The menu is simple, the daily specials never disappoint and the wine is decent.

If you haven’t already gone, go, now. Minus 1 point for forgetting my pesto dip.


L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele– Stoke Newington

Just like in Naples, they only make two kinds of pizza, the classics: Margherita and marinara. The tomato sauce was average and the mozzarella was chewy and tasted funny – I’m being politically correct here. Born from an ancient and super-secret recipe, the dough which makes Michele’s pizza THE pizza, that dough was missing and replaced by a horrible tasteless version not even remotely similar to its original.

paradise slice-min

Paradise Slice – Brick Lane

They definitely take the prize for imaginative pizza, every time we go there’s a new innovative creation. Their crispy crust is the best, not too thin, not too thick. And their hot sauce is unreal. They also have beer on draft, so there.


The Barrel Boulangerie – Hoxton St

Their variety is great, from chicken and cream to prawns and bacon, they make great use of that oven. Service is fast and people are friendly. Minus 1 because their chilli flakes taste like candy floss.

good pizza-min

Good Pizza – Stoke Newington 

Good Pizza is cheap, really cheap. We’re talking a full 12-inch Margherita for £3.50. Unfortunately, you can tell it’s a cheap pizza when you bite into it. I’ve tried the veggie, Margherita and fungi. While they don’t taste bad, they don’t really taste of anything. The bases are overcooked and the vegetables are bland.

If you want a pizza that fills your mouth with flavour, you’ll need to spend a bit more. However, if you’re skint then this is the place for you. Let’s be honest, anything is better than Domino’s.


Apollo – Stoke Newington

Spotted this one walking to Franco Manca, the dimly lit interior and nice decorations made me curious to try it. I’m glad I did because they do fantastic pizza.

Their sourdough pizzas have perfectly cooked bases and high-quality ingredients. I asked for extra chillies and they were really spicy (which is unfortunately rarely the case at most pizza places). The only issue was that the tomato base was too liquidy, making the ingredients fall off if you tried to eat it with your hands. Don’t let that put you off though, they do banging pizzas at a reasonable price.


Voodoo Ray’s – Dalston

Voodoo Rays make huge 22-inch pizzas, by the slice or by the pizza. They have a good selection of flavours, including many vegetarian options. The price is decent but amazing on a Monday when you can get a full 22inch for £20.

Eating in has always been a great experience, the pizza tastes fresh and full of flavour. They have a diverse drinks menu with loads of great cocktails. The takeaway, however, was a slight disappointment, it was cold even though the delivery was close by.

It’s good, just move your lazy ass and walk there.

Michelle Serrapica
Daniel Corrochio