Luis Quiles is one of the most brazen artists we have featured so far. 

We can see Luis getting into a lot of shit with the media, the parents… hell, anyone who owns a screen could get offended at his drawings.

PH: Luis, thank you for giving us this chance to talk to you.

PH: We know your art is amazing but other people might find it offensive. How much shit do you get from people about the nature of your drawings?
LQ: I’m used to getting insults almost every week since I started showing my work on the net. Actually, I have many people who follow my work but hate me, they try to report all I do and troll my accounts. It’s not a beautiful thing but sometimes I like that I have made people feel upset with my art. They don’t understand that it is only art, and they’re free to look at it or ignore it.

PH: So what’s the Love Vs Hate ratio towards your art?
LQ: Fortunately I get more love than hate, the problem is that the haters make more noise because they seem to band together and act like trolls. Maybe around 80/20.
PH: That is really good news!

PH: How long have you been drawing? And have you seen an increase in the reports/complaints in the last year?
LQ: Since I was a kid I wanted to draw. I haven’t seen an increase in the last year, I have had that problem with censorship for a long time.

PH: Your art is pure free speech, do you think we’re losing it nowadays? The media, the fake news, the alternative news. Can we get real news out there do you think?
LQ: Yes, this is a big problem actually. We think we have more freedom of expression, but it is the opposite. We just have more places to express it. And with that comes more censorship. Everything is so full of white noise it’s hard to find the real news.

PH: Have you become a pariah in the art community because of your art?
LQ: No, not from artists, when they speak to me they tell me they like what I’m trying to do with my art.

PH: Do you give a shit about your haters?
PH: I don’t give a shit. I would like to live in a world without internet haters, but they are here so I try to enjoy making them upset.

PH: What’s the worst band in the world?
LQ: The worst band? Maybe almost everything from the reggaeton genre.
PH: Ha! Agreed, Daddy Yankee makes me cringe.

PH: Who is the vainest person in the world?
LQ: The Kardashian bunch or Kim Jong Un, hard to choose.

PH: What’s your favourite drink?
LQ: Beer, but I have diabetes type 1, so I can’t drink beer, so, I will say water.
PH: Dear Jesus, our deepest sympathies.

PH: We’re based in East London. Have you ever been around here?
LQ: Not yet, but I hope I will be able to go there with my work.

And finally, is there an upcoming exhibition in London? ‘Cause we’re there!
LQ: I’m actually working on exhibitions in Italy and Spain, but I really hope I get to make it to London. Hopefully in the not so distant future.

Political correctness is always looking for bad guys, don’t ever let them get to you, you’re doing a great job. Thank you for this short interview and hopefully, we can collaborate in the future again. Cheers.

This article has been extracted from Issue 3.

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