They were here, don’t ask me how, but proof exists,

it exists and continues to be ignored.

They were here before the others, and yet they are covered up with the official truth.

The Phoenicians you say? Really?

Yes, they were here, their little stone structures were found in New England.

The Romans, early Christians, you say? Really?

Yes, they used some of the same structures, built upon them.

And there were the Irish monks, who called the new land: Great Ireland.

They were here long before the accepted one.

Long before the Italian, they were here.

The monks fled the Norsemen over and over again, until they found the same ruins

left by those others before them.

The Norsemen like Leif Ericsson,

Ari Marson the Icelander and even others who sailed their mighty ships to the new shore and so the monks fled again,

farther inland or down the coast of the new world.

They were here before the others, but academia turned a blind eye and a deaf ear,

it’s not acceptable, careers and reputations have been staked on the official story.

This must be preserved at all costs, the integrity, the tradition of our accepted beliefs.

To support any other is heresy!

But they were here before the accepted one!

No, it’s all a spurious notion, amateurs dabbling in archaeology and science.

The secret is safe, lies become the truth and all else is swept under the carpet of time.

Illustration by Allen Forrest

Allen Forrest