Mikkeller’s La Neta got EVERYTHING right.

Copenhagen really has it all. A massive squatting ring where drug dealers run free and Rastafarians can let their hair go wild called Christiania; a banging food market next to a gripping cultural centre called CC.
A river all through the city where you can rent a boat and BYOB among much other cool shit.

The boat one is particularly amazing because you drive the boat yourself (even tho it moves at 1 Km an hr) you have a table for all your snacks and wine, and you can park your boat anywhere in the city when you need to take a piss -or need more wine.

Copen has the best brewery bars and restaurants not to mention the best fucking tacos:

Mikkeller’s La Neta got EVERYTHING right.

La Neta is slang for ‘the truth’ or ‘seriously’ in Spanish, however, when you use it in real life it generally means you are lying.


Michelada is a drink made with beer, Clamato, lime juice, sauces and ice (clamato is tomato juice and clam juice). The average British would vomit to the idea because they are boring, but it’s actually really nice and these guys got it perfect. Great selection of sauces, too.


The table, the chairs the tiles and the skull. If you ever wondered what a real taqueria in Mexico City looks like, this is it.


Great selection of mezcal and tequila. Notice the little luchador by the mezcal? His name is Blue Demon and he’s a badass.


This is what I’ve been screaming at every taqueria in London: if these are not in your taco place, you have no place making tacos.


Jarritos is a typical Mexican soda, oddly enough you find it more in foreign countries than in Mexico itself.


These I’ve never seen before but I took some home for recreational purposes.


Finally, the menu is simple and classic, exactly what you want from a taqueria. Might not be cheap but nothing is cheap in Copenhagen.