All tequilas are mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila.

Mezcal can only be produced in Guerrero, San Luis Potosí, Durango, Zacatecas, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato and Michoacán (those are states in Mexico), in what the French would call Appellation Controlee.

The main difference between Tequila and Mezcal is:

  • Tequila can only be made with one type of agave.
  • Mezcal can be made with up to 28 types of agave.
  • Tequila is made in above-ground ovens.
  • Mezcal is made in in-ground pits.

“Of all the liquors and spirits that exist in the world, the most perfect molecular chain for human consumption are the Mexican mezcals.
 –  Sergio Inurrigarro, president of the association Pro  Cultura de Mezcal and ambassador of Mezcal to the world.

Interviewed prior to his participation in the forum “Mezcal, Drops of Tradition”, Inurrigarro indicated that both mezcal and tequila, were always considered ordinary alcohols; however, there is an institute in Chicago, Illinois, which conducts sensory studies of beers, wines and higher alcohols, which has concluded that it’s the purest in the world.

He explained that alcohols are monosaccharides that the liver has to break, that is, make a process to transform it and remove it; hence the effect is known as “HANGOVER”

However, mezcal comes from polysaccharides that at the moment of touching the mouth begin to unfold and the transformation of the alcohol in the organism is faster than any other.


Mr Mezcal made another somewhat douchey-but-true statement:

“Mezcal won’t be for the people, for generations they despised it, kicked and shamed it: they do not deserve it”. “It will go out, for people who can afford it, because each day will be more and more expensive, as cogñac or champagne.”


Mezcal soda and fresh lime is easy and sophisticated drink, proof of that is that you can’t get that at a fucking Wetherspoons.

However, the best bloody cocktail in the world is also made with mezcal.

The perfect Smokey Tommy specs:

40ml Mezcal
10ml Reposado Tequila
25ml Agave Syrup
25ml lime juice

Smoked Salt 

Conclusion: Drink more mezcal bitches!!