Those with children will understand the horror of the weekly shop; the kids kick off, everyone looks, time freezes and you want nothing more than the ground to swallow you whole.

The ground, of course, does not and you resort to shouting until you’re blue in the face and then you shout some more. In a well-known supermarket chain in the Southampton area, a mother was going through a nightmare like this. Upon leaving the store, she was approached by an off duty policeman. Not long after she received a formal warning from her local council for nothing more than shouting at her children at the checkout counter. Now because of this jobsworth, wannabe super-cop, the lady in question lives in fear. Fear of the social services ripping her children from her bosom at the first sight of the slightest bump or bruise due to being put on record for 14 years.   

Not the greatest story I would agree, but it does highlight the level of control the government has over us. We have all seen the articles run by the lazy media on slow news days:

The UK’s craziest laws: it’s illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas day, it’s illegal to be drunk in a pub, it’s illegal to tell the tax man anything you don’t want him to know, but legal not to tell him the information you don’t mind him knowing.

You may think these are all outdated laws but the tax related one is taken from the Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations 2006, only it has been put into layman’s terms.

“The truth? More signs, warnings, and rules do not make for a safer world, it, in fact, has the opposite effect”

The government tells us how we should live, what we should eat, how much alcohol we should consume, what we can do with our bodies, what we can put in our bodies and so on and so fucking forth…

Drugs are a perfect example, when cocaine tests were undertaken in every toilet of Parliament almost all of them tested positive. No one was surprised.

One word comes to mind, hypocrites. But then so are the rest of us. You can go into any pub in the city at peak hours and there will be a ten deep line for the toilet cubicle but the urinals will remain empty. Not that many people need a shit, and you’re either stupid or out of touch if you believe different. Thing is, we are hypocrites for a very different reason – fear. We do not make the rules, but we try to navigate between them.

Everyone’s on it or knows someone that’s on it. So that in itself shows it should not be illegal. We are making a country of criminals for no logical reason.

There are also other benefits to legalisation. How good would drugs be if they were legal and made in labs by proper chemists? Stronger means purer, which in turn, means safer. Just one more thing we miss out on due to these stupid man-made rules. All drugs with the exception of lifestyle drugs such as heroin should be legal – there is an argument even for lifestyle drugs to be legal but that’s a much more complicated issue.  

Big Brother is Watching You!

Prohibition creates many more problems. Look at what we spend on law enforcement, the courts, and prisons, and we pay for them. You pay to keep yourself trapped, as do I, and I’m fucking sick of paying the ‘prison guard’ with my own hard-earned cash. We have become a nation of laws. Stupid laws designed to make even the most timid law-abiding citizen into a criminal. If they can’t control the innocent, they must find a way to make them guilty. You may think these laws are designed to keep you and your children safe but they are only part of the control system.

If you’re employed, you must pay income tax that creates vast amounts of money. The government then invests your money into something against your own moral compass. That’s if there is anything left after the national debt interest has had its bite. We are forced to pay for what we do not want just because some prick thinks it will be good for us.  

The politicians and the law makers are the ones we need protection from but they play the hero:

Let me save you from yourselves, from the terrorists, the immigrants, the drugs, the things that go bump in the night  – vote for me and I’ll save you with my rules, but it’ll cost you…’

We are sold the lie that all these rules are here to protect us. You don’t have to look too hard or pay too much attention to see that it’s about more than safety. It’s about control.

A world with little to no rules may seem scary: ‘we must protect the children, we need to put a warning sign here, let people know a pack of nuts contains nuts, coffee is hot…’

The truth? More signs, warnings, and rules do not make for a safer world, it, in fact, has the opposite effect. Let me give you an example:

A famous small group of traffic planners from around the globe believe in the ‘Less Law, More Order’ philosophy. One of these planners, a Dutch traffic engineer named Hans Monderman, was given the task of making a road which passed through the small village of Oudehaske, safer. It had been a trouble spot for child fatalities. The usual was discussed, warning sign after warning sign, traffic lights, threats of fines, speed bumps and many other control measures that would only serve to annoy drivers. This is where Monderman did the unthinkable; not only did he decide to not put in place further signs and other safety measures but to remove the existing ones. He argued that because the signs are representative of roads, they only serve to remind people they are on a road where the car rules. On stripping the very things that defined it as a road, he had made it safer. People were forced to pay attention and therefore became aware they were in a village where children might be playing.

It is a known fact among these traffic planners that in urban environments, most accidents will happen at traffic lights. Another Dutch town, Drachten was such a place where these typical accidents would happen on a day-to-day basis, sometimes proving fatal. They were usually caused by drivers paying more attention to the lights or speeding through them without concern for other drivers or pedestrians. It became a real problem site. Monderman, the lawless legend, removed all the safety precautions straight away and forced drivers and pedestrians alike to be responsible for their own decisions. It created drivers who were totally focused and not blinded by signs and rules. No lights to protect cyclists, pedestrians or drivers, you would think it would be dangerous, but it is not. It looks dangerous to the naked eye, it looks bloody nuts to be honest but this is the very thing that makes it safe, you are forced to pay attention. Traffic now glides through, sometimes slowly but it never stops. The number of cars has increased but congestion has fallen. Statistics say there is well below half the amount of accidents as before. It became so safe that Monderman had a little trick he liked to show those who doubted him; he would close his eyes and walk backwards into the traffic. The traffic would just flow around him in perfect harmony. Think of this next time you encounter a stupid rule that on the surface seems to make things safer.

We need to start thinking differently, we don’t need everything laid out for us. All this does is suppress our thoughts and soon we will not be able to think for ourselves. Algorithms will set our world view, driverless cars will pick our route, a dating app will decide your partner, and on and on… Is this really what you want? Some of the best times of my life have been the result of a mistake, a wrong turn, a bad decision… If your route to death is pre-planned, then what’s the fucking point?   

Duke Cassady

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