Camden Town Brewery was kind enough to show us their tits (aka fermentation tanks)– probably because we LOVE Camden Hells lager so much. This is a very busy time for them, they are about to move house, and everyone knows how stressful that is:
You don’t know the neighbours, you don’t know the roads, the bus routes, the 4G signal strength, you don’t know if there’s a 24 hrs offy nearby etc… etc…
We understand, guys, so thank you for quickly showing us around and for the many many free beers.

In case you don’t know back in 2015 the brewery ‘sold out’ to one of the biggest beer companies in the world and omg the entire brewing community drank them alive.

Everyone was so disappointed because they don’t understand how the economy works. But now even the communist brewery Brewdog has taken a big chunk of money so they were able to put those ugly Punk Ads all around London, and that’s all fine. What’s not fine is the initial lambasting and ‘disavowing’ which I like to pin on jealousy.

Anyway, Camden is having a house warming party on July 29th in Enfield and I suggest we all go down there and trash it – as you do.

Info and tickets right here

PS. Tickets are FREE


New Brewery in Enfield