Issue 3 will pull your eyes out of their sockets.Photography includes,

The Stag Slag by Oliver Villegas,
Pot, pot, marihuanas – 420 at Hyde Park by Ta Das
Mr Sosa’s Low Life High Dreams – a cocaine infused lifestyle.
Luke Weller’s humorous photography.

Lots and lots of art,

The Connor Brothers and their fun vision of old oil paintings.
Luis Quiles art is a punch to your conscience – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW.
Unbiased TRUMP art. 
FREE unbiased dartboard art game. 
Hair of the Dog art by Atakan Akçali.
Art from a prisoner.
Contraband art.
3D (naked) Art by Garry Cortez – Attention Star Wars fans.

Beer Reviews featuring,

Mikkeller – Magic Spells – Lost Rivers – Oscar Blues – Brewdog – Hantverksbryggeriet – Buxton – Stillwater – TO Øl – Evil Twin – Camden – Sextown.

Public House Summer Drink – it’s cheap and delicious. 

Wise words as always,

America needs Hooligans
The Reasons Why You Are A Liar 
Cottage Cheese
Dead Right
Less Law More Order
Choose Life
Why Old Stuff Sucks
Comedy Has Choked on Creampie
Wireless Mouses
Bear Grylls: The New Prophet
The Old Bird And The Rolling Pin 
Amy Gets Punkt
Gender Race & Rock

Happy Endings – Butt Plugs for dummies.

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