We spotted Julian taking pictures of a homeless man outside the Electricity Showrooms in Shoreditch. We started talking and immediately felt a connection with his lens.

What’s your story J?
I’m Julian Kenning, I’m an artist, photographer and a game developer.
A Viennese who fled Denmark to London after 4 years in Copenhagen. I think Copenhagen is the cosiest place in hell.

What’s the worst band in the world?
Coldplay does make my ears smell bad.

What do you think about Danish sausages?
Denmark should be prohibited from making sausages by international law.

Where in London do you live and what’s good/bad about it?
Oddly enough – Hampstead.

The Good:
Relaxing after getting out of a busy tube because it’s basically a village with slightly better air.

The Bad:
Occasional encounters with posh brats excessively and unfiltered reflecting their absurdly self-entitled parents.
Oh and since recently – Joey & his fucking Juice.
Google ‘joey and the juice preparation shift’ for some unintentional satire. You might never want to suck Joey’s juice again.

OK, Here.


That’s going to make us barf for 2 weeks, thanks, Julian. 


Now let’s check out his work.



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