Christò Viola born in Lecce Italy in August 1978, as soon 17 years old I left my town starting a long adventure with my film camera Nikon f4 first until today with my Nikon D700 instead, I never abandon my research experimenting analogue formats as like Soviet vintage cameras and polaroid.


Photography is not my passion; photography is my only status of mind and body.
I do select pictures suddenly with my eyes then shoot.
I have successfully got my bachelor in Visual Art and History of Fashion with 110/110 and Laude.
Keeping working in analogue film I decided to get my studies in Photography at ISFCI in Rome where I got my MA diploma.
I am actively working for magazines submission and art gallery too around the world.
I have been selected as winning photographer by Nicola Formichetti for DIESEL REBOOT and I did collaborate with them for 2 years doing an exhibition in NYC and PARIS.

What type of food do you hate?


What’s the worst band in the world?

I HATE TOKYO HOTEL BAND and all metal hard rock goth

Fashion pet peeve?

Karl Lagerfeld

Where do you live?


Gross, do you like it?

Yeah, there’s so many crazy interesting people to watch and deal every day, but it is smelly and untidy.

Cheers Christo! 

Let’s check out her work…


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