As a Mexican in London I always get asked the same initial questions:

  1. Why are you here in this shit weather?
  2. What do you miss the most about Mexico?
  3. Is there a place in London with proper Mexican food?

People who know me know I love this shit weather; what I miss the most from Mexico is the food. And I’ve never had a decent Mexican meal in London… Until today.

“Breddos Tacos is a taco-oasis in London”.

Breddos Tacos in EC1 restored my faith in Mexican food. All of the tacos are delicious, the meat is cooked slow and low and is therefore perfect. They have great mezcal starting at £4.50 – you know that mezcal is the new tequila, right?

Their paloma is made with fresh grapefruit juice and squirt! How they smuggled squirt into this country I don’t know, but it is the only acceptable soda for making a proper paloma.

Need I say more!? Get your ass over there!


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