My mum once told me ‘I’m going to tell you a story you never know…’

Steve begins the interview by going through all of the movies he’s ever worked on- including Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark with George Lucas – where his pet monkey co-starred.His first studio cost him 28K even though the asking price was 47K. Why? Because he’s a nice fucking person and when the sales guy told Steve that his brother wanted to get into Design, he offered to take him in – a complete stranger – and showed him which direction to go.

When he finally got the building he was bursting, even though he had fuck all money to buy it. When he came up with the money he was ready to restore the fucker, no roof and no floors…

‘When are you going to be in your new building Steve?’ people asked him.

‘Six months‘ he kept saying.

Every night after working in a studio above a Bethnal Green cinema he would get his saw and his overalls and start sawing.

‘It took me two fucking years to finish!!!’

Not long after that he started kicking ass Cartier, Dior, Skanska… all of the best brands wanted a piece of him. So when it came time to find an assistant, instead of going with some brat with high qualifications, he went with a young girl with an outstanding piece of design who had failed every single class.

My mum once told me ‘I’m going to tell you a story you never know…’

When Steve’s mother was a young girl, tragically her parents perished in the Great Fire of London. Left with nowhere to go and nothing to do, she was taken in by Robert Lamm. She was a complete stranger but he took her in gave her the opportunity of a lifetime.

And that’s why he always says,

‘What goes around comes around’, bitches.

PH: What’s the shittiest band in the world?

SE: No one’s ever asked me that before. The shittiest band in the world is the Beatles. Can you imagine ever going to one of their concerts for fuck sake!?
At this point, we all laughed and trashed the Beatles for a good 10 min.

PH: That was awesome, so who is your favourite band then?

SE: I love Talking Heads. They’re original, they capture a period in time, and they were very inventive and very entertaining to watch.

PH: What’s your biggest pet peeve about how people dress?

SE: Because we come from a poor Jewish family, I had this Aunt who always saved her best dresses for special occasions. She died and I never saw her wear those dresses. That is why I told my Mum ‘I’m going to dress as if every day is a special occasion and the party will come to me’. So get your silver shoes and get that jacket on because every day is a special occasion.

PH: That’s great Steve but that wasn’t the question!
What do you hate about how people dress? Any style, or, for example, I fucking hate flip-flops.

SE: I fucking hate the way that Essex boys dress; their shirts out, and their super tight jeans and their bare feet loafers walking around, they’re disgusting. It makes me feel sick and unfortunately, you only get packs of them, you don’t get them in singles. It’s the world’s worst fucking look on the planet.

PH: Alright Steve, let’s get down to business. What are you 1-10 in looks.

SE: Ok, ready? When I was young I was a 10. Right now… I’m a 10.
PH: Steve, just so you know no one has ever declared themselves a 10 before.

Steve, Harrison Ford and monkey


PH: Who is the coolest person in the world?

SE: Wow, The Queen. Because, listen, no matter what, she’d stuck to her guns, she’s always flown the flag, she’s looked after her family. She’s been through terrible times, but she is the coolest person on this fucking planet. Because when you look over brands, the brand is the brand, and she’s always looked over the brand of The Great Britain.

PH: What’s the most stoned you’ve ever been?

SE: One of the funniest times of all was when branded Wickes building supplies. We went to Nottingham and the film Tron just came out. A friend of mine had brought up this acid and said ‘This is the best fucking acid on the fucking planet’. We made the big mistake of going to watch Tron on acid, and mate, I was in that fucking movie. I was glowing yellow in a Kawasaki 2500 and I was driving through people’s veins for about 7 hours. Then back at the hotel suite, I grabbed a step ladder, a  2H pencil and I drew a frozen lake castle from a movie I was working on called Dark Crystal; I drew in on the room’s ceiling, though.
PH: Like Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, that’s hilarious.

Frozen Lake from Dark Crystal.

PH: Finally, New York or London, and why.

SE: London is the greatest city in the world. Of course, NY is fabulous, but I wouldn’t want to live there all the time. Why? Because there is no Electricity Showrooms.


-Public House Magazine