Fidel Castro, Cuba and Some Good Old Western Hypocrisy.

As the world reacts to the death of the infamous Castro, some with cheers, others tears, and some douchebags just left wondering who the fuck he was, let us consider the legacy of one of the greatest modern dictators.

Sure, we can criticise his authoritarian leadership, the appetite for political prisoners, and the unfair treatment of the Cuban gay community, which on all accounts is indefensible, but let us not forget how we ourselves, the oh so glorious west, have behaved within the same timeframe.

Who are we then, to question the legacy of Castro, the man who saved Cuba from becoming Batista’s fifty-first state of American corruption.

To this day, we still welcome with open arms authoritarian dictatorships, such as in Saudi Arabia, China, and the UAE, not to mention having created many ourselves during the Cold War. So long as they prop up our economies and feed our undying thirst for energy, they remain great friends, am I right? As for political prisoners, I seem to remember a somewhat outspoken president elect that has personally threatened a well-known whistle-blower with execution, should he ever return to his native homeland. Or another so-called whistle-blower stuck jerking off in a single bedroom flat in Knightsbridge, for fear of arrest from twenty-four-hour police surveillance. Let’s not forget either, the discrimination that the LGBT community still faces in virtually all western countries, whilst some of our closest ‘allies’ still struggle with the thought of legalising same-sex marriage, or allowing people to use whatever bathroom they want. Fuck, let’s not forget that just a year after the Cuban revolution began, the UK chemically castrated its own national hero!

Who are we then, to question the legacy of Castro, the man who saved Cuba from becoming Batista’s fifty-first state of American corruption, or the biggest fucking Mcdonalds in Latin America. The same man who, in spite of the crippling economic embargo, managed to grant Cuba one of the most revered healthcare systems in the world (something we manage to fuck up further on a daily basis). Or perhaps we question the man who militantly opposed South African apartheid whilst the rest of the world still supported Botha’s regime.

So what’s left other than blatant hypocrisy, and the glaring use of Cuba as a Cold War chess piece? Not much. Now let’s all sit back and watch as the end of the embargo leaves Havana looking like a steaming pile of Las Vegas shit. Oh and let’s just be glad they don’t eat KFC for Christmas either, what the fuck is that about Japan?!

Here’s to you Castro, you bearded badass, western hating, Malcolm X meeting, pope’s hand shaking, Cuban cigar smoking, Adidas tracksuit wearing dictator. May you rest in peace…

T.P. Cornholio