First off, they are all power junkies who do not deserve the position, not one of them. Their own political addiction more important than you and I. Turncoats that no longer think for themselves or have a passion in their own beliefs. It’s a career to them, not a purpose. A career where if they are to survive, they must judge and reflect public opinion to secure the power they crave. All their time at the top could be spent fixing the country but instead, their time is wasted trying to get reelected. So picking a new Tory leader is like picking what position you want to be raped in.

In my opinion, the whole system needs to be switched. Especially as us, the people voted to leave the EU to gain more power and take away from the dictatorship of the EU but instead we now face a position of having a prime minister that has not been voted in. Democracy be damned.

The leadership battle contenders:

Boris has taken his wig out of the arena, which as much as he is one on the Bullingdon boys, is probably a shame. Until shit changes, I look at modern politics as entertainment and he would have certainly been entertaining. I also think he sees the potential for the country to be great, for everyone. As mayor, he did a number of things that I think were pretty cool and only a twisted mind like Boris’s could pull off, the Boris bikes, Thames cable carts, a garden bridge, 24-hour tubes (still trying), the Orbit sculpture that is now a fucking Helta Skelta. My main worry about the barmy fucker is how he pulled out of the race an hour after Gove said he was standing. This begs the question, what does Gove have on the man? Did some young philly from the Bullingdon days choke out in one of the many orgies? A child sacrifice? Who knows? Either way, he is no longer an option so let’s look at what’s left:

Theresa May – More interested in fashion than politics so at least she will look good while she shits all over your civil rights. A well-documented homophobe who hates everyone that’s not her. Anyone who appreciates freedom should see this woman as the enemy. She introduced the snoopers charter as a way to watch your every move, she wants no human rights, wants to be able to place you in prison just for looking like a terrorist. So all you bearded hipsters better cut them beards if she gets into power! But worst of all, she looks like Roy Hodgson in drag and we know all about his leadership skills…  

Gove – It’s a well-known fact that his wife Sarah Vine pulls the strings. She dictates his political career with a ‘we’ should do this or that, there is no him to her, just a ‘we’. This is the woman who hates sex and forces poor Gove sleep in a separate bedroom. Good ol’ Sarah quoted once as saying how sleep is much preferable to sex.  If poor Mr Gove can’t wear the trousers in his own house, how is he gonna make an impact on an international scale? Plus until his wife stepped in, Gove has been quoted about two thousand times as saying how much he would hate the job of prime minister. Look it up, there are so many examples.

Crab – Again, one who wants to rob our freedom. Voted against gay marriage, is a real homo hater this one, not only a hater but believes you can cure them, I mean is this fucker stuck in the middle ages? And he hates the disabled, probably believes the same as Glenn Hoddle that it’s their fault, something they did in a previous life or something. He supported all the disability cuts and even pushed for further cuts to those who least deserve them. Not much more needs to be said really, a right ol’ religious nut.

Liam Fox –  Had the largest expense claim when all the greedy bastards got caught. Only cares about lining his pockets and is basically a UKIP’er in a blue tie. As defence minister, he was forced to resign in 2011 for taking his mate, at your expense, on government trips and letting him sit in on confidential meetings. His bum buddy even handed out business cards like he was one of the lads. This is how politics works, let the storm blow over then sneak back in. Not on my watch cunty!

Andrea Leadsom – Wants to be in charge of the country and take your tax money, this is the same woman who refused to pay her own tax and was caught being involved in many avoidance schemes, at a direct cost to you. She was also a banker! So thanks but no thanks.

None of the above you would not even leave your house unattended, so no way should they be left in charge of the country. That leaves the alternatives.

While Corbyn does bring a genuine alternative to the norm, he is still a politics man. Don’t let the baggy suits, undone top button and loose tie combo fool you. He has been in the system too long not to be corrupt and with him we are still left with a two party system which is not good enough. People need to see that the two major parties limit our choices to slightly different flavours of the status quo. We need to kick up a fuss until a real alternative is presented.

I mean, we can not forget it is both these main parties that took us to war in the middle east, which cost us a fortune but made money for the power mongers. Money for the war and the rebuilding of the countries we blew to shit, borrowed from third parties and other countries. Who pays it back? Us, the average worker who pays the interest on these loans, an interest that makes a payday loan look cheap. Then they say we must cut back to pay off their debts. This is why the whole system, not just the EU, needs to be brought to its knees. It’s time for a revolution, not one of violence but an intellectual revolution because despite their expensive education it’s clear a simple intelligence and a common sense escape many of our representatives. Our combined intellect will show them for the mouth breathers they truly are.

I find myself drawn ever closer to Libertarianism. If you want a free society where you as an individual makes your own choices then you must be made accountable for them choices. Not, Oh, I fucked up now the government I despise must sort out my mess.

Freedom is key here, if you feel you should be able to have a burger the size you want without the government involved, then you are probably a Libertarian. If you feel drugs are fine and you should be able to put whatever the fuck you want to in your body, then you are probably a Libertarian. If your life seems worse than death and you feel you have the right to choose when to go, then you are probably a Libertarian. If you wait for the little green man every time you cross the road, then you are not a Libertarian.

You are in control of your own life, for good or ill. Now most lefties who shout freedom but a freedom-lite may now say what about those in need. I agree it is a concern, some people are put in a disadvantaged situation through no fault of their own but the government has nothing to give to no one, all they have is the power to thieve from one set of people and give to another. Who do you think is most likely to benefit from this system, you or the ones doing the stealing? Once the greed has gone from the power structure, we will have our morals to guide us on who deserves the help. I think we will be surprised by human nature when it is not tainted.

I’m all for helping the needy but not those who are unwilling to help themselves. If you give someone a fish, they can feed themselves for a day. If you give them a rod and teach them to fish but they can’t be arsed to get down to the lake and catch their dinner, fuck em, they go hungry.   


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