So what does a day in the life of CHRIS CAPE look like:


Chris wakes up detesting the draft creeping into his upstairs room in his warehouse, so jumps out of bed, heads downstairs greeted by a full size carousel unicorn and enough mannequins to start a small army … ahhh gotta love living in a warehouse he thinks.

He has had enough time to make himself into a prince and make a quick breakfast and heads out the door to travel from N to SW London to head for his first job of the day.

On the way he finds that his track ‘Mark Hamill Can Handle’ has been well received by the original Luke Skywalker himself who tweets ‘Surprised and humbled to hear a song featuring me as lyrics… Loved it!’…. First WIN of the day!

Chris arrives in SW London to hand out magazines at a train station in the rain for 5 hours, constantly asking himself… What am I doing with my life? How did it get so bad?

Chris manages to pack up his literature and travel to Southfields planning to do some admin over lunch.

It’s lunch time so he has his lunch while en route to a small workspace in a local church that a friend hooks up for him. On arrival he gets to work responding to posts and emails and updates his forthcoming gigs on his sites until he’s rudely interrupted by Ol’ DC (David Cameron) needing the space for an impromptu interview…. Yes for real!

Thinking on his feet he grabs a couple CD’s, gives one to an assistant addressed ‘Chuck Borris’ and the other he labels ‘from the minister of rhyme to the minister of prime’ which he gives to Ol’ DC and instructs him to listen to his jams in the car on the way home while being carefully examined by the surrounding security.

The verdict still out on their admiration of the ‘Message from Outer space E.P’. 

It is time to get ready to go and teach his first guitar lesson of the week starting at 2pm.

Feeling really positive about the lesson Chris heads into his next job working at a call centre.

After what feels like an eternity on the phone it is time to leave but luckily Chris is stimulated by numerous ideas for his latest track.

It’s dinner time and another one-pot wonder meal which allows him the time to get showered and sorted ready for a couple hours work on his track.

Now the real work begins, Chris puts on his Poundland jumper and headphones and starts working on the keys (on a borrowed midi keyboard with at least 1 key that doesn’t work) for his next track. Once the keys are done it’s time to setup his vocal booth consisting of: 2 mattresses and a towel over his head and his SM 58 mic (can’t use a proper condenser mic due to people making noise in the warehouse). He thinks to himself… this is so far from Jay-Z up in the booth. But if you’re killing it you’re killing it.

It’s bed time and after a great couple hours in the ‘studio’ Chris realises what he’s doing with his life and is positive about his next promo stunt when the day breaks.

After hanging out with Chris Cape for the afternoon there is one thing that is abundantly clear and that’s his love for music, the creative process of writing and passion for making it as a musician in London… so I figured the best way to help in his creative process was to hold him to one of the things he said when we were discussing the process of writing a track…’I love music so much that you could put me in a room with 2 spoons and I could create a track.’

So we’ve put it to Chris to come up with a track made in 2 hours with 2 spoons… so keep an ear and eye out for that track which will be up on our website soon!


Neil Davis